Prosperity Bank

How It Works

With Prosperity Bank Rewards, you can earn Points every day. Whether in-store or right here on this site, SHOP, EARN and WATCH THE Points ADD UP! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Use your Prosperity Bank Credit card to make your everyday purchases. Take advantage of the retailer offers presented on this website to make your dollars work even harder.


Each time you make a qualifying purchase with your Prosperity Bank Credit card; points are automatically calculated and added to your account.

Earn bonus Points by shopping in-store or on-line at participating retailers Check back regularly to take advantage of special offers.


View your recent bonus point earnings by visiting the Earn Summary page. View all available Points and redeem for merchandise by clicking the REDEEM NOW button at the top of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about Prosperity Bank Rewards with these frequently asked questions.

What is Prosperity Bank Rewards?

Prosperity Bank Rewards gives Prosperity Bank Credit card holders a way to earn Points on everyday purchases.

How does it work?

Simply use your Prosperity Bank Credit card when making purchases and Points are automatically added to your account. You earn points for every purchase.

Earn Points faster by shopping in-store or online at participating retailers. Participating retailers can be located on this website. In order to receive Points for online shopping, make sure to access a participating retailer through the Prosperity Bank Rewards website.

Where can I view my Points balance?

To see a rewards total or to redeem Points you have earned, log in and click on the "Redeem Now" link at the top of the page.

My spouse and I both have an Prosperity Bank Debit/Credit Card. Can we combine our Points?

You can combine your Points with another cardholder provided both cards are assigned to the same Prosperity Bank account. For more information on combining Points, contact Prosperity Bank Customer Service .

If I have a question that isn't addressed here, who do I contact?

Please contact us with any additional questions regarding your Prosperity Bank Rewards account.